F. Darrell Lindsey

Insurance Consultant

  1. The need for a Technical Assistant.

  2. The need for Specialized Skills.                                       

  3. Training.

  4. Business Challenges.                                                         

  5. Business Expansion.

  6. Acquisition Transition.                                                

  7. Compliance.

  8. Executive Coaching.  

  9. Need for an Unbiased Opinion


“A Consultant is an individual who provides advisory services for a fee”.




Hiring costs an organization a lot of money.  Firing can cost even more.  Much of this is the result of complex government regulations.  Reliable statistics indicate that a large organization typically takes between five and seven months to locate, hire, train and orient employees for managerial, technical or professional positions.  Consider also the complexity of the personnel process: advertising, pre-screening, resume’ review, interviews, testing, follow-up interviews, medical examinations, orientation, break-in-periods, and so on.

History has found that by the time a person is hired, trained and oriented, most large employers can expect to expand from 70 to 90 percent of the employees’ first year salary.

The organizations expense does not end when the employee is hired. Besides salary and benefits, an employer has overhead expenses with each employee, such as providing a place to work and support personnel.  Should the employee not work out the firm cannot arbitrarily let an employee go.  It must show cause, such as inability to perform work, unwillingness to do so, criminal activity, or some other good reason.

An organization does not incur the same cost or liability when it takes on a temporary technical consultant.    


  1. Such assistance is often more economical than hiring permanent personnel;  and,

  2. By using consultants, the organization remains more flexible than it could be with permanent help.

                                                            F. Darrell Lindsey
                                                            Insurance Industry Consultant